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BK RESOURCES (Commercial Faucets and Sinks)
Web Site: www.bk-resources.com

BOCK WATER HEATERS (Commercial gas and electric water heaters)
Web Site: www.bockwaterheaters.com

BLACK MAMBA (Disposable Gloves)
Web Site: www.blackmambagloves.com

CAMCO USA (Water Heater Replacement Parts)
Web Site: www.camco.net 

CARPENTER & PATERSON, INC. (Pipe Support Systems)
Web Site: www.carpenterandpaterson.com

♦​​​​​​​DEKS (Waterworks, Plumbing and Roofing Products)
Web Site: www.deksusa@deks.com.au

EASYFLEX (S/S Domestic Water Piping)
Web Site: www.easyflexusa.com

HAILIANG (Copper pipe and Fittings)
Web Site: www.hailiangusa.com

HEATLINK (PEX-a plumbing, potable water systems, and radiant heating and cooling systems)
Web Site: www.heatlink.com

♦​​​​​​​QUICK FITTINGS (Push Connect Fittings and Valves)
Web Site: www.quickfitting.com 

SCALEBLASTER (Eco-Friendly Water Conditioners)
Web Site: www.scaleblaster.com

THRIFT MARKETING (Odorless Drain Cleaner)
Web Site: www.thriftmarketing.com

♦ Are proudly represented in Arizona
♦♦Are proudly represented in both Arizona and Clark County Nevada

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